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29 Sep 2018

long V neck cardigan with vents is from Zara and let’s talk about the Marriage Material !

Marriage material? 
One thing that i think most people forget is that aside from Instagram, there is actually a whole world out there.. the cat is out of the bag, so I might as well officially announce it I got MARRIED, yes guys adulting has a whole new meaning to me, so why did I keep it a secret? well I didn’t I just didn’t mention it lol..my husband is a total opposite of me, his anti social media so I fully respect that..and to be honest I love it that way, we were engaged for four years, not five as previously stated in my stories.. full wedding story to come soon if you are interested otherwise here is one of my favourite looks from a recent shoot..perfect for autumn if I do say so my self . 🍂 This fab long V neck cardigan with vents is from Zara, by the way it’s not a cardigan dress hahaha it’s just because I’m petite. Other ways I would style this cardigan would be with a pair of jeans or a pleated skirt . 

Lippie 💋

Outfit details 

Cardigan with vents - Zara 

Boots - nasty girl 

Bag - Zara 

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