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22 Nov 2017

Boohoo Hot Pink Winter Fur Coat

With the wind howling and the temps dropping.. I had to pull out this bad boy, it’s faux time y’all, one thing that I’m sure of is that you wear sets the mood..I always try to avoid dull colours when it’s gloomy..

Let’s just say gloomy +gloomy is really =to gloomy lol I’m sure y’all get the drill.. no offence to anyone who loves dull colours..I for one love bright colours and bright hair lol.. more like the brighter the coat, the brighter I feel 🌝 lol I hope some one relates.. so I styles this pink faux fur coat, with a pair of denim, a black crop top to highlight the pink, nothing was gonna steal its shine.. I finished the look off with black heals.❣️

What are your winter go to colours?

Lippie 💋

Outfit details-:

Fur coat- Boohoo

Jeans- Zara (sold out)

Top - Zara (sold out)

Heels -zara  (sold out) 

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19 Nov 2017

All things Makeup - featuring primark super liquid matte lipstick , Flawlessshades, Ovp beauty etc.

Hello lovelies, Hope y’all have had an amazing weekend, if you care to know I have literally stayed in all weekend keeping warm lol, yeah it is that bad. 
Any way back to the post, I’m sure the title  gives it all away.. we are going to be talking all things makeup, I think it’s a good shift from the norm..
Makeup is a beauty enhancer, at least that’s how I see it, y’all would be surprised that I have only been using makeup for a couple of years, I used to go to college with a bare face 🌝, I still rock my bare face now and then, for example when I need to nip to the corner shop or even grocery shopping trips.. 
I love that I took my time in the makeup industry lol, and figured out what works for my face and more than anything educate myself on what I should and shouldn’t use, basically make sure there isn’t any nasties.. that goes for every face wipes and all.. look after your braces ladies those are the ones you will have to live with forever. I will link all the products used down below. So I would love u guys to comment below and share your skincare secrets, mine is to keep hydrated at all times.. drink your H2O 💋

Lippie ❤️

Makeup details-:

Lip stick- plum lipstick
Eyeliner- Primark 
eyeshadow-Opv beauty
Opv beauty illuminator -highlight
flawlessshades  -  flawlessshades.com

10 Nov 2017

Colour me Red 🔴 red vinyl coat and pants/ Bandits jumbo birdy scarf .

Giveaway time-:

Win  - Red Tinted Color Lens Vintage Shaped Sun Glasses Women Eyewear 70s .Details at the end of the post.

Forget pumpkin spice everything, red is the new normal this season, so you go ahead and colour me red. I overloaded and didn’t even feel like I did 🌝, forgive me I’m just slightly obsessed. 😂

We all love a good trench, so I thought I would put a spin on things with this vinyl red leather coat from miss Selfridge, it has a wrap style in the front which for a slight second got me missing summer, it comes with a D-ring belt which helps keep the waistline in shape, you could even chose not to use it depending on how you style it.

You would think I would torn it down but umm nah, I went straight in for it with matching vinyl petite pants, which didn’t feel very petite unless I fall under that category, I love that they weren’t too tight..

Every outfit has a star, and in this case it was my faux fur scarf from bandits.which if I said makes the best snuggle buddy, would be a understatement, its so cozy and I love how soft the fur is,absolute perfection 🤗.. I finished off the look with my patterned uncle boots which was the only piece without a shade of red. 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” – Helen Keller.. never be afraid to go over the top because that’s were the magic lies. 

Lippie 💋

Outfit details-:

Jumbo birdy scarf- bandits

Vinyl coat and pants - Miss selfridge 

Stiletto boots- Primark

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International Giveaway-:

Win  - Red Tinted Color Lens Vintage Shaped Sun Glasses Women Eyewear 70s .

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Competition will close on the 18th of November 2017

 Done Good luck💫

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