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19 Feb 2018

Styling a knot front turban - London Fashion Week 2018

So after watching Dynasty on Netflix and seeing how Fallon styled her turbans i decided to style my Green River island knot front turban at London fashion week.

With this outfit I was going for it all, the 70s look mixed with the feel of jazz and modern Fashion.  My aim was to create a classy expensive look but with so much going on, just like the classic movies were women looked so elegant and glamorous while wearing them. 

What do you guys think about turbans? 

Lippie πŸ’‹

Outfit details-:

Dress, boots and bag - Zara ( sold out but keep checking online and in store, you might get lucky)
Earrings- Zaful 
Sunglasses- AliExpress 
Turban- River island. (Sold out)


18 Feb 2018

(Backup) Black Panther -London Fashion Week second Look (zara Faux Leather Jacket)

With the excitement of the movie Black Panther which I’m yet to see, this second London Fashion Week look was inspired by it. 
I wanted to create a powerful look but which yet screamed Fashion and I think this look does just that. 
The fabulous leather fur coat is from zara and it’s on sale, so make sure you go buy it now as it might go out of stock. The 

sequin boots are from Top Shop (Sold out) and my cute top that  says please donate coffee here is from Zara. 

What do you guys think about this look ?


Shop my style-:

Faux leather jacket


16 Feb 2018

Bride At London Fashion Week- 2018

It’s the first day of London fashion week and I can say that this time I’m well organised in terms of what to wear and carry around, as you know it can be such a busy long day. 
This year the shoes were the main item  I was working around these gorgeous heels from Zara   the colour and design gives me that oriental look πŸ’š. The maxi dress is from NAKD Fashion and yes it does look like a wedding dress lol ( it doesn’t help that I’m petite ), got so many people congratulating me on my way to the first show πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸΎ‍♀️. and to finish it off the fringe bag from Zara is definitely a must have 

What do you think about this look,  was I a beautiful bride or not πŸ˜…? What would you wear the dress with? . 


Outfit details-:
Heels & bag - zara ( sold out online ) but might be in store.
Dress- NAKDFASHION (Few left )

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Nakdfashion white dress

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