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19 Apr 2022

Online Fashion Stylist

I’m a fashion blogger/ influencer / stylist, most of my styling is done on my self but aside from that I have styled a music video, I have also styled other fashion bloggers by helping them chose and coordinate there outfits for shoots / projects, I have worked with brands and I also help style wedding guests. Do you : Want to change your wardrobe? Want to amazing on your planned Vacation trip? Want to find the perfect Wedding dress/Brides maids dresses? Have a photoshoot coming up? Want an outfit you saw online? Have any event coming up but don't know what to wear? Have a wardrobe full of clothes, but have nothing to wear?
I am here to help you create a fashion style that reflects the unique you and which is great with your budget. Requirements: You will be asked few questions about your preferences, favourite style, and budget. What you will receive: You'll receive your personalized outfit Look book with clickable shopping links along with styling notes and tips. Looking forward to working together CLICK HERE!
DISCLAIMER: I do not purchase the items for you and I am not responsible for the quality of the items. I only style, if you have any questions please contact me.

16 Mar 2022

What fits in my Gucci Ophidia mini bag

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog, today we are discussing all things mini bags. Mini, little, tiny bags lol whatever you call them are my favourite bags, the only trouble is that you can carry much in them, they will teach you to travel light 😊 Without further ado, here is what I actually fit in one of my favourite mini bags. So to save space, I carry a card holder instead of a purse as most purses wouldn’t even fit in the bag, a mask, a little bottle of hand sanitiser, my phone, headphones, lipgloss and a pair of spare earrings.. random but that’s a must for me. The bag is 177cm tall, W20cm x H15cm x D5cm, and weighs approximately 226gr

4 Mar 2022

How to style Versace platforms.

How to style Versace platforms. Add a splash of colour to your grey suit with these purple Medusa Aevitas satin platform pumps.
Elevate your casual look to greater heights with these Medusa Aevitas satin platform pumps in pink.
These purple Versace La Medusa leather plateau sandals are the ultimate summer shoes, they would go well with this white dress and accessories.
These Versace Leather platform knee boots, are perfect for any chic look.
Love colour? Then these Medusa Music printed leather platform mules, are just what you need. f
which look is your favourite ?
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