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7 Sep 2018

Social Media Pressure to be Perfect . Outfit-: Zara Cat Print Trousers and Blouse .

So I recently came across an article about a British mother of three who died after a cosmetic “bum lift” at a Turkish clinic used by Towie stars.
Now I’m not opposing against cosmetic procedures, each to there own..but I do feel there is pressure from social media to look a certain way, for example lip fillers were never really a thing until the likes of Kylie did them, so by all means if you are going for such procedures let it be because you Truly feel the need for yourself and nobody else..we all have a few flaws or body parts that make us feel insecure, embrace them love them and stay clear from the pressures of social media.. we were all never meant to look like fashion nova models 😅 remember there is only one YOU.. and that’s your super power. Comment below something that you absolutely love about yourself.

Lippie 💋

Outfit details-:
Head to toe -Zara. ( all items sold out )

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