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9 Oct 2016

Multi coloured vintage dress- Brighten up autumn.

I am a sucker for colour. I have come to a conclusion that multi coloured items or clothing make me happy, the brighter, the happier I get lol. 

So this autumn, I'm breaking the rules by adding more colour to my outfits and hair. Today is a beautiful autumn morning, the sun is shinning and I have decided to style this gorgeous vintage dress that I got on my mini holiday in Brighton. 

Brighton is known to have great affordable vintage cloths and this dress definitely caught my eye with its bright loud colours. I knew it was going to be a challenge styling the dress and to honest that's why I got it hahaha, your girl loves a fashion challenge. 

I styled the dress with these stunning  Primark tan lace up heels.  My aim was to create a casual look but still keep it classy. 


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