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21 Oct 2018

Snow White zara hoodie- street style for Halloween

If you are like me and not a bigger dresser for Halloween, here is a way to dress up and not feel like you are missing out. The trick is to add an item that will represent that. 


With this look i have added a hoodie with a Snow White cartoon print on the front (from Zara), Snow White Disney cartoon is one of the most well known cartoons of all time (if I do say so my self).

The scary step mother on the front gave me the scary vibes so I thought it would be good to incorporate something like a hoodie instead of going all out. 

The reason i love such pieces, is that you can wear them all year round. 

 What do you think of this look?

I have listed below some Halloween items that will be perfect for a street style


Lippie 💋


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