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16 May 2019

Get the Prefect prom dress 2019

Get this dress here.

The perfect prom dress 2019 

It’s prom season and I’m sure you are all looking for that perfect prom dress.  If you are looking for a stylist to help you find the perfect dress send me a message (for more information).

I remember for my prom, it took me 4 shopping trips to find that perfect yellow dress I was looking, so I do understand how finding a perfect dress is important.

I have listed three dresses to help you find the perfect dress. 

Jovani structured fishtail maxi dress

Edition embroidered maxi dress


10 Feb 2019

How to style a clear coat - ASOS DESIGN clear mac with faux fur collar coat for Valentines.

 Lets break the rules and make it a sassy for this valentines look. Clear /transparent coats  for me are so extra and I love it, I think there is nothing wrong with being extra sometimes. 

What do you think of clear coats . yes or No ?

Lippie143 💋

Outfit details-:

Clear Coat - Shop here 

Get a similar in Black - shop here 


4 Feb 2019

Would you wear a white dress on valentine ‘s day - ASOS DESIGN tux tulle midi dress

It’s that’s time of the year, I missed out on doing a valentines outfit ideas look book last year but i made sure to do one this year .

The looks are exciting as always lol. So the first look is this ASOS DESIGN tux tulle midi dress. I went with this dress because I feel like lots of people might feel uncomfortable wearing a white dress during valentines..but I’m like break the rules darling .. !!

I have always been a fan of tulle and I feel like it never goes out of trend . For a causal look, you can style this dress with trainers. 

Would you wear a white dress on valentine ‘s day ? 

Lippie 💋

Outfit details

Dress - Asos 

feiliufine jewellery

Neill strain floral couture London
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