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5 Nov 2018

Wearing Jessica Purdie

I’m still buzzing over the fact that I got to wear Jessica Purdie’s design  I have always been a fan of Jessica purdie’s design since the day i came across her Instagram, the special thing about this collaboration is that i got to meet Jessica who is the designer and not only did I meet her but she was also at the photo shoot. The good thing about meeting the designer of the pieces you are styling is you get to know what inspired them and how they came up with the designs.  I styled both looks with my zara sliver boots (Sold out), the look I was going for was (Show Stopper)  perfect for events where you need to stand out like awards, red carpets events, fashion events etc. 

Photographer- Tendai Band

Lippie 💋

1 Nov 2018

My Collaboration with Rachele Comrie design

I am so happy to be sharing this collaboration with you, i personally have been wanting to style unqiue pieces and work with different designers. i remember when i was young i loved to stand out by wearing items that were hard to find  but now because of the trends its diffcult to find unique items and also you get to see the same iteams being styled by bloggers.
Rachele Comrie is a fashion designer and i was so honoured that she let me style one of her pieces from her Stripe of Shanghai collaction  as you guys know im all about interesting prints, unique shapes and bold colours and her collaction had just that. i decided to style items in two ways, the frist style was an elegant look, and the second style I went for a fun causal look.
if you follow me on instagram you will see how i styled the kimono separately, for me the kimono was my favourite and the amount of people that asked me about it was just breathtaking. i am so in love with all her iteams and hopefully will style more of her items  soon.

Photographer 📷 Tendai Banda  

lippie 💋


21 Oct 2018

Snow White zara hoodie- street style for Halloween

If you are like me and not a bigger dresser for Halloween, here is a way to dress up and not feel like you are missing out. The trick is to add an item that will represent that. 


With this look i have added a hoodie with a Snow White cartoon print on the front (from Zara), Snow White Disney cartoon is one of the most well known cartoons of all time (if I do say so my self).

The scary step mother on the front gave me the scary vibes so I thought it would be good to incorporate something like a hoodie instead of going all out. 

The reason i love such pieces, is that you can wear them all year round. 

 What do you think of this look?

I have listed below some Halloween items that will be perfect for a street style


Lippie 💋

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