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16 Sep 2018

Expressive self love - London fashion week 2018 ( zara still life print hoodie)

When we talk self love and wanting to see diversity, we don’t practice what we preach in most cases..asking for diversity but wanting to look like the next girl or boy is something that we tend to do, my self included so for my London fashion week outfits that I’m actually not attending this month, I wanted to express my fashion more and just dig a little bit more into self love and diversity. 
My first look is this lace combo from last year that I had to bring back, because it was one of my favs and most like outfit..
Only this time it came with a little twist, something that I don’t show off much is my natural hair, I love the versatility that wigs bring but for this look I had some cone rows πŸ™‹πŸ½‍♀ which I rock most times off camera...i felt absolutely beautiful in this outfit


Outfit details-:

Lace dress- NAKD fashion  (Sold out) got it last year 

Boots - Nasty Girl ( Sold Out) got them years back 

Sunglasses- Aliexpress 

12 Sep 2018

How to style a white lace bodysuit.

Autumn might be here but I am still on my summer fever vibe. With the weather changing I have a feeling this will be my last summer look, so I created something really simple and clean. 
Pasty colours have been my highlight of this year’s summer and also not forgetting the floral cafe trend that got London’s influencers including my self creating beautiful contents.  

Are you guys ready for autumn πŸ‚

Lippie πŸ’‹

Outfit details

Lace bodysuit- Femmeluxe

Trousers - Zara ( Sold out) 

Bag - Primark (Sold out) 

9 Sep 2018

Style a Leopard Print Jacquard coat and Contrasting Pleated Blouse this winter 2018. (London Fashion Week inspired look)

It’s official, after animal print being so much in trend  a leopard print coat is now part of the coat classics.  I have always found animal print to be quite over powering just like the colour red, but if worn right, you will create an all time classic just like in the music video “  that don't impress me much” by shania twain I remember watching that video when I was young and thinking “ I want to have the courage to pull off an outfit like that “ . 
With so much animal print pieces this autumn and winter don’t be afraid to add some wild update to your closet .

What do you think of this look 
Lippie πŸ’‹

Outfit details

Jacket- link here

Pleated blouse - link here

Boots - Zara (Sold out) 
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