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11 Apr 2015

70s Wide leg jeans

The 70s fashion is back. 
The high waisted wide leg jeans are from h&m £40. To show off the Jean style, I would style the jeans with a crop top and a pair of heels. 
Choies light purple ruffle hum croptop is only £14 from Choies. The White crop top is £24 from Zara. The black shoulder cut nitted jumper is £13 from Boohoo
The lug sloe platform neon yellow white sandals are £27 from Shoparika . Pink heels £28 from Lucluc and nubuck court heels from Topshop only £59 
Lipstick- from Burberry.com only £22 and Michael kors bag Vanmildert £310

Information from : polyvore 

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