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9 Jul 2016

Why weaves, braids and not Afro natural hair.

Hello, so this week I decided to rock my natural little Afro hair. This is the first time after a long time to have natural hair, my hair has always been relaxed. I decided to do the big chop last year and just have natural hair as my hair had been damaged from relaxing it. At first I didn't want to cut my hair because it takes years to grow back but then I would rather have healthy hair than damaged hair, so it had to be done.
This year natural Afros have been in trend, I see lots of people with beautiful Afros which makes me excited on my Afro hair journey. 

Lots of people think women, mostly black women have weave or have braids because they done love there hair.
Not speaking for all women but for myself, I love weave and braids because :
1- natural hair can be difficult to style,  Especially short kinky hair which I have.

2- I like to have coloured hair, so instead  of bleaching my hair, I have coloured braids or extensions 

3- having braids/weaves also helps my hair to grow

Not everyone has long Afro curly hair, I have short kinky hair which takes long to grow, so I don't like to leave it out for a long time. 

So just because most women have braids and extensions does not means they don't love there natural hair.



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  1. thats a great idea. I love ur hair babe, and I think this denim skirt also looks amazing in this pic.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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