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18 Sep 2016

Small blogger gets the action: How to Easy Free Network at London fashion week

Hello so this week is the London fashion week and this year I decided to go where the action was to network and advertise my designes. 

I chose 2 locations around London on the weekend where Catwalks were been held, I made sure I got to the location 20 mins late when the show was ending. There were so many photographers, reports, fashion designers and other bloggers trying to get pictures. I made sure I dressed to impress and added my own design to my outfit. Then I went and stood were all the people from the show were coming out.

All of the sudden so many cameras started flashing, lots of photographers taking pictuers of me and asking for my social media name and what I do.

You also get to meet big bloggers, designers and people that work for different fashion companies and I managed to give away lots of my business cards then I did at other networking events I paid to attend.

definitely found this to be an easy free way to network, as you have so many fashion people one place. 


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  1. wow what a cool look and style. Its so fascinating to meet ppl at fashion week.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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