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24 Feb 2017

Florist for the day With Moonpig

I enjoyed all my London fashion week activities, it really is the simple  things in life that make you smile just a little wider. I'm sure the title has already given it away lol.
We had an amazing lady from moon pig teach us about floral arranging, and I came up with this beautiful creation..I love activities which are hands on, you can call me lippy the florist.πŸ˜€ πŸ’


  1. So pretty! This is like a floral dream.


  2. I love flowers, so much, i even think too much... The house is full of it (fake and real). Beautiful sin I'm not about to change a bit of it ;-). Nice you had those lessons, like my accounting teacher said : it's always good to know a little about everything than knowing everything about something.


    1. Omg I love flowers too. I think every place needs flowers fake or real. Thanks for stopping by 😍


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