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17 Mar 2017

Frilled Hem Trousers

Safe to say these pants stole the show lol, I love experimenting with my looks, I'm not ashamed to try something different...I remember when people kinda thought my choice of colour in my hair wasn't great 😒.. I work by rule that if I like I rock it. 

Let's just say unusual stuff catch my eyes, while frills are most common on dresses and tops, I personally find it refreshing to see them on trousers. 

So I styled this bad boy with my white top from Zara, which is a dip step hem open back, I got all creative as you do and decided to tie a knot in the front.😎 finished it off with gladiator sandals from misguided . 💋

Hope you are frilled with the frills🎉

   Lippie xox

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