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6 Apr 2017

Purple Afro Crochet Hair

I'm sure y'all have seen enough of this hair lol, don't you worry it's about to go.. I thought it would be nice to give it an amazing send off, by telling you guys how it came to been. 🤣

Let me just start by saying, it is extremely important to read instructions when it comes to hair...things like does it curly or is it heat resistant..etc.. getting it wrong is like having an explosion in the lab.. 😂

So for this very puffy purple afro, I got 2 packs of Senegalese twist, the colour caught my eye and I couldn't wait to try it. It's written Senegalese twist and seals well with hot water on the pack, I thought It would  curl okay with hot water, but boy was I wrong. To cut the story short this hair does not curl in hot water or straighten using a straighter or hair dryer. 

The hair is 44" (22" folded) long, it was too long for me as it wouldn't curl so I decided to cut it to about 12",  you can see if you follow me on Instagram that the colour shade changes depending with the light, the hair colour looks amazing with natural lighting. The best thing about the hair is that it was really light in weight. Bulky but light isn't too bad 😌

To wrap it up, I think this hair is particularly made for twists or even braids, I'm quite a dare-human.. see what I did there let me know if u get it 😅..so I go all out and experiment..

             Lippie xox 



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