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16 Jul 2017

Diced pineapple Outfit

Diced pineapple
"Tonight you shall reach a height that the sky won't catch you". - Wale 
This is my summer expression outfit! 
Ever put together a quick outfit, which ends up looking so good and think "how did I do it"? Lol . As a fashion blogger sometimes you start to over think on creating an amazing look,  but I have realised that my best work is when I'm relaxed and clam that's when my originality shows. So when I put together an outfit so effortlessly and turns out great it takes me back to why I love fashion and why I started blogging. 
"Fashion is an expression to create a creation that makes you happy"  hahaha I just made that up right now and I love it !. 
Hope you guys have a great week and Enjoy summer !!🍍🍍

Lippie πŸ’‹

Outfit details-:

Crop top- newlook 
Denim skirt- Primark 
Shoes - newlook 
Bag- primark 

Got all the items some years back apart from the pineapple bag 🍍. It definitely adds some spark to the look. 


  1. This outfit definitely screams Summer. Love the pops of color and the pineapple print which is so trendy this season. You can make anything look good beautiful lady.


  2. This color is SO summer! LOVE!!



  3. I love this yellow kinda neon color!
    The pineapple bag from Primark aslo so beautiful x



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