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2 Jul 2017

PRIMARK quick fake nails on the goal -DIY 2 MINS !

As a fashion blogger I have learnt that having good nails plays a great role in making the whole look,  look chic. My secret to getting different fab nails is by having fake nails that you can actually put yourself whenever and wherever. 
When you are not a full time blogger some companies may not be allowed to have fake nails which can be annoying. Sometimes getting a full manicure can be expensive or for people like me I can't have fake nails for a long time because my teeth become really sensitive.. I know right , like how? Does this happen to you too?.

I usually get my nails from primark, they are so affordable and my glue from amazon  link here

What do you guys think, can good nails, eyelashes or eyebrows whether fake or  not, help create better overall look?. 


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