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11 Jul 2017

Totally worth the hype this Summer -Pink fishnet socks

I'm sure you guys would have figured by now that I love series on my blog, I just feel like it makes more sense to do it that way lol by the way that's just my opinion.. 

So having done the tres chic series which was about, looking classy but yet chic, I wanted to bring you guys something different.... 🥁drum roll please... so the new series is "totally worth the hype this summer"..loool did I just give it away in the intro😅oh well.. so in this series I will bring you pieces I believe are worth the hype, hope you are excited because it's gonna be soo good 💃🏽.

So to kickstart this series, we will be discussing fishnets, and on this instance ankle fish net socks..Fishnets make amazing accessories, they make every outfit look super edgy and chic.....they are little transformers really..mostly paired with ripped jeans and trainers, I love there versatility so got myself these pink ones, which I styled with Faux fur pink platform mules and a white floral playsuit. Throwing on a pair of coloured fishnets will give you a chance to add colour to what could be a plain or somewhat boring outfit.. I have previously styled black ankle fishnet socks, make sure you peep that out for some inspo.... so what do you guys think of fishnets.. coloured ? Black? Are they are hit or miss? 

Lippie 💋 

Outfit details:

Fishnet socks - Primark 

Playsuit- Zaful

Pink mules - Primark 

Straw bag -AliExpress 

Shops my style:




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