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15 Sep 2017

H&M red beret hat outfit / London Fashion Week 2017 part 1

London Fashion Week 2017 Part 1

Fashion week is here y'all, literally one of my favourite seasons..let's first talk about my absence on here 😔sometimes things just don't go to plan, the weather on this occasion has been my enemy of progress..I'm a regular on Instagram so make sure you are following.😉
What I love about London fashion week is that you don't necessarily have to be a ticket holder to enjoy it, for me fashion week takes place on London streets, were you get to meet the most stylish bloggers and of course fashion photographers who I are always ready to capture those moments🤗 
With that been said I missed a couple of shows and made it on the streets, wearing this black lace dress from Zara, the embodied rings and pearls gives the dress  such a rock feel, my shoes are from nasty gal, I'm not sure you can  find them as I got them a while ago before Sophia left 😏they complemented the dress so well it was a lace on lace affair. 
I accessorised with this beautiful red beret, which gave my outfit a bit of a French influence, so on that note I'm gonna say au revoir.. make sure you are back for part 2 ✋🏽💋

Lippie 💋

Outfit details 
Beret hat- H&M 
Dress - Zara (sold out )
Heels- Nasty gal ( (sold out) 

Shop my style -: 
H&m beret hat

lace heeels



  1. Oh babe. Total slayage. I am loving your insta feed as well. On London streets is where its at!!!


  2. Really cool photos with the backgrounds and the other people! Your outfit looks so bold and confident. I like how you added the red beret hat to add a pop of color!


  3. You look absolutely phenomenal! That dress is stunning and I love your hair too! Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing such a fab post!

    Heather xx

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