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2 Oct 2017

Cozy in Orange 🍊 Denim skirt and jumper

Happy Tuesday! Today on the blog, I will be talking about how to stay warm/ cozy but still stylish.
I love autumn, but it feels like once the temperature starts to drop, layering and still looking stylish can be a little bit hard.. anyone agree? Anyone?? 
I love colours, and I’m sure y’all have noticed that, this is not a burgundy, dull colours kinda autumn...so I styled this cozy orange sweater from primark, with a denim mini skirt and these floral blue sandals which were an absolute bargain 😲.. so first is first when it comes to staying cozy but still stylish.. less is more, keep it minimal, make sure one of the pieces stands out.. and in my case it was the sweater, which had amazing front details, avoid getting swallowed by an outfit, wear the outfit by never let it wear you.. and finally it’s ok to wear sunglasses even when there is no sun 😅, think on them as an accessory.  😎

Lippie 💋

Outfit Details-:

Jumper - Primark
Sunglasses and  heels - Primark
skirt -H&M
Bag - Zara


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