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29 Jul 2018

Blog vs Instagram - Yellow Animal print wrap dress

 I feel like there is an evolvement from blog posts to Instagram posts, having neglected my blog for a hot second I’m back and I plan to stick around, my views on here dropped so much and there is really no one to blame but the switch that most of us have made.

One question I asked my self after making this observation was, when was the last time you actually went on someone’s blog, and to be honest I seriously couldn’t even remember, 😏 I have walked so hard on this blog to just neglect it so y’all girl is back, I love documenting my love for fashion and just life style in general so that’s why I’m here to continue what I started. I also brought with me this beautiful dress from ASOS which I hope you love, animal print looks beautiful on this yellow.. perfect for the weather.

Lippie 💋

Outfit Details > Dress - Asos



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  4. You look so cute, this is the perfect Summer outfit. Your dress are perfect!

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