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15 Nov 2021

Asos review - Asos Design co-ord, knitted trousers and cardigan in soft boucle yarn in cream

Link of the outfit below . If you follow me Instagram, you might have just noticed a little change in my styling/fashion sense. I am now trying more of minimalist styling which is so exciting. I have always looked at it from the point that more is better but now, I’m going for the the less is more kinda thing. For those of you who have always enjoyed my styling, fear not, we are still very much in business and just gonna switch around every now and then.. it’s a win win 😍 Okay after that fashion re intro, I would love to talk this asos knitted co-ord I usually shop from asos, so I will be doing lots of asos reviews yaay lol ! If you are looking for a comfortable look this autumn/ winter this is the look. The soft boucle yarn is so soft on the skin, it fits well and is very flattering on the body. The co- ord has a top which I usually didn’t buy because I didn’t need it .
Shop below-: Asos Design co-ord knitted trouser in soft boucle yarn in cream. here
ASOS Design co-ord knitted vest with high neck in soft boucle yarn in cream . shop here Asos Design co-ord cardigan with tie detail in soft boucle yarm in cream shop here
let me know what you guys think of this outfit .

20 May 2021

White and green outfit 2021

Splash some green and be in trend. You wouldn’t have guessed that green of all colours will be the hot new colour in 2021 however to be honest with every thing going on in the world I think it is the perfect colour. I have created two looks where I make green the show stopper. The first look I styled this neon top from asos (got it last year ) with a Strap detail gathered white skirt . I think everything goes so well with the colour white. For accessories I got my gold and green earrings from asos and Chloe bag netapoter ( always look out for sales ) .
For the second look I styled this Volume sleeve draped detail dress from nakd fashion and added green accessories, this is to show you that if you don’t have any green clothing you can still be in trend by using green accessories.
What do you think about the colour green ?

15 Apr 2021

Personal Shopper & Fashion Stylist

Hello my name is Nancy Handscomb (@Lippie143 on social media), I’m a fashion stylist/ fashion blogger, I cover the areas of London and Hertfordshire. I’m here to help you with all your fashion needs with whatever budget you have. Helping you find you a style that you love, are most comfortable with ,which is within your budget, is my main priority. Every client is of course different, and that is something I highly respect and I work towards making sure Your fashion needs are met to your individual taste and lifestyle needs.
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