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29 Dec 2016

My night routine, My secret to an early night. Only two steps.

It's true what they say, going to bed early and having a good night sleep helps you to have a productive morning. 

My 2 secret tips to having an early night sleep, are:

  1. Go to bed early, meaning if your target is to be asleep at 10 pm, be in the bedroom by 9 pm this helps you to prepare the things you need for the next day. Be in bed by 9:30 and relax ready to sleep.

 I usually make my way to the bedroom at 8pm, I do a 30-40 mins bible study, 10 to 9pm I brush my teeth and put my face mask on. My favourite is 7th heaven Charcoal masque mask, it's so good for oily skin and it's affordable too. 

9pm watch Law & Order, NCSI or Chicago PD depending on which ever one is on at that time.  While watching the program, i make myself a cup of tea, I love using London tea bags   The London Tea Company  because you can get none caffeinated tea bags.  I check out my social media - Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot, Pinterest , YouTube  and also reply to my emails. I then update my to do list which helps me keep up to date with what I have planned to do. 


By the time the program finishes which is 5 mins to 10pm I go and wash my face mask off and by 10pm in my bed. 


2- put your phone aside, many of us find that the reason we sleep really late is because we are always on our phone. So putting them aside and disciplining your self not to use them till morning will really help.

These are my two tips/process for having a early night. If you guys have a planned night routine, would love to know what helps you have an early night. 



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