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24 Jan 2017

Fringe recycle ♻ H&M Fringe Skirt

Let's just say I have been dreaming about autumn 🍂 lately, it's actually my favourite season because everything just makes sense weather wise. 

Any how 😀.. so for this look I recycled one of my favourite skirts, I have styled it before if you wanna see it just patiently scroll down my Instagram. Blogging as we know it, can be a very expensive hobby so you have to do with what you have at times. I'm not one to spend a fortune on clothing like my bio says I create affordable looks. 

So to give the skirt more of a current look, I paired it up with my black kneel high boots, it was quite a cold day so they kept my legs warm lol because I'm a short girl, they are more like leg high boots 😂. My little black chocker top from Primark compliments the look as it has a very laid back but quirky style, as it was an all black outfit I added some colour by adding my pink bomber jacket from Zara, let me know what your favourite clothing to recycle are.. 😁 thanks for stopping by.

                         Lippie xox 

Skirt - H&M

Boots- Primark 

Top- Primark

Bomber Jacket- Zara



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