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22 Jan 2017


New year New me. Only kidding guys 😂it's still me, just trying to improve myself.. So this year I made a conscious decision to live more healthily. So to kick start that, i attended a HBC networking event  (Health Bloggers Community), it was held at Work.Life, London.

I'm a firm believer in trying new things and doing whatever makes you happy. 

Heathy me = Happy me😀

The event was hosted by Fab Giovanetti, Laura Bell and Cassandra Kemp who are members of the HBC team. I was greeted with a refreshing Twisted Halo coconut cocktail made with no added sugar. Before the event ended there was a Q&A with dancer and fitness blogger Healthy Fit Fran .

I personally found it very informative and I got to speak to some interesting people, we shared ideas, goals etc. All in all it was an amazing event and I can't wait to attend more of these.

Brands at the event:

Skinny Dipping Dips 

vegetable dips created using 100% natural ingredients so delicious .

Jake's Boost 

all natural nut and seed butters, my favourite was

iRaw Healthy Habits 

Raw healthy snacks made using organic ingredients. 

Heck Food 

Heck make gluten free sausages, meatballs etc. The quality and taste was amazing!.

Green People 

Natural and organic skincare. Got som samples, can't wait to use. 


All natural omega 3 water.

Abel & Cole 

Create organic and ethically sourced fruit and veg boxes which can be delivered straight to your door!


Alflorex helps to keep your gut healthy.

Upbeat active 

A protein drink, prefect use for after gym or everyday activities.

Gryo Bars 

Made from organic dried fruits & insect flour

BOL Foods 

Fresh and healthy ready to go food. 


Sugar and gluten-free easy-to-bake mixes.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the post, make sure you leave a comment. 

                   Lippie xox 


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