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19 Jan 2017

PINKU Panda! Panda! Panda Case

Last week something awesome happened, I received this beautiful phone case from PINKU. PINKU is a lifestyle store, the products are stylish, colourful and fun. When I visited the website I actually fell in love with the products. The coffee mugs are designed beautifully with different words and messages which would make amazing gifts for family and friends. 

The phone case I received is simply perfect, it's all white and has a cute panda design on the back. It has this smooth feel to it and I've had loads of compliments about it. White might be hard to maintain, but all you need is a lil damp cloth to clean this cutie, and it's all white again! .:) 

This is definitely a Must Have. I love it.


                             Lippie xox 

PINKU - https://pinku.co.uk/



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