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4 Feb 2017

Blogosphere Valentines Tea Party.

Hey guys hope you are enjoying your Saturday, I have had a lovely Saturday it involved attending and an amazing bloggers event #Blogosphere valentines tea party, hosted and organised by blogosphere magazine, who by the way have hosted the most amazing events I have attended. 

The event was held at Lumiere London, located in Southwark. The studio had a beautiful set up, felt like I was on a movie set . 

For this event I put together a very simple outfit, I'm not gonna go into it, as this blog is about the event .. don't worry they will be pictures.😀

This event was extremely informative, there was a lot of networking, chitchatting and just catching up. As it was a tea party, there was also some nibbles, cakes and cocktails, making it even more beautiful.😍

Networking in the blogging industry is very important, I will probable do a blog on this topic for those interested. Blogosphere magazine invited a few companies.

Some Brands-

Glo & Ray- this is a British company which draws inspiration from the natural wonder of light.

Dr lipp- fab lip balm for dry skin 

Kat Von Beauty- fab makeup line marked #VeganAlert

Samaya Ayurveda- Beautiful skincare made from natural ingredients. 

itstheflashpack - Photo booth, shot the

#BlogosphereValentine cover , felt like a superstar. 

Book your lifestyle -:

Need some pampering?. Go online and  book some treatments. Book your lifestyle has spas and salons in London, Milton Keynes, Leeds etc.  Everyone needs a break sometimes ☺️

Are you guys going to any bloggers event this year? And what do you think about going to bloggers events? Please leave a comment would love to hear your opinion 




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