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1 Feb 2017

Essential Oils for the Win

Hey guys I know this is somewhat a different post to what u are used to 😁, but please read on..... so Gine and Stuart Glover got in touch with me to review some essential oils for them, at first I wasn't too sure but after reading 📖 all the wonderful things about them I was all up for it . Let's get into it..so I received two oils lavender and wild orange which both smell amazing. 

Lavender to me is the most versatile, I can be a terrible sleeper so I just put two drops in my bath with some Epsom salt and I sleep like a baby.. no exaggeration there. I'm also using it for hair growth so will probs do another review on that. 

Wild orange is just as beautiful, it's not easy to explain the smell.. I tried putting a few drops on some cotton wool and put it on top of my bathroom cabinet.: it smells divine.😍 I also tried to put a few drops on my gym gear... and your girl was smelling like wild orange while  doing them squats. Really I could go on and on about the benefits. 

The Essential Oils came with a booklet which has information on how the oils are made, what makes them unique, the uses of the oils ( can be used to infuse a fresh scent into your laundry)  etc. 

Both these oils have amazing health/domestic benefits. If you guys are interested and want to know more please contact..

Instagram- @Essentiallypurposed

Website - https://www.mydoterra.com/glover/

Have you used essential oils before?, please let me know what you think. 




  1. Never tried wild orange before. I'm sure it's great too.
    Thanks for sharing hun.

    Funmi x

    1. You should try it, it smells Soo good☺️


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