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19 Feb 2017

Tales of London Fashion Week - Experience with GLO AND RAY at PalmerHarding show.

I had an amazing opportunity to attend the palmer Harding show AW17, thanks to the amazing people at  Glo & Ray cosmetics, who invited me, it's was pretty special because I got to go back stage. This gave me a chance to get up close and personal with the models and even got to speak to the makeup artist representing Glo and Ray. 

She was very lovely by the way, she explained the make up details on the models, going through all the products used, The look was called glam goth rebellion, using back pencil on the eyelid and a gold spot on the inner eye conner, which represents the glam.

The face was finished off with only concealer, and the idea was to keep Matt and as natural as possible. 

 Glo & Ray  are an amazing cosmetic brand, I will live all the information below, you guys need to check them out.. they are also doing an international goodie bag giveaway on there Instagram.😁

And also thanks to Adam from Glo and Ray, he was a fantastic host.

                   Lippie xox 



  1. What a wonderful experience! Have a great day! Gemma x

  2. This is cool, it must have been quite an experience being backstage. Love your outfit.

  3. love your outfit and your hair, so fab! xx


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