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28 Jul 2017

My Afro punk London 2017 Experience

This past weekend (Sunday) I attended Afro punk festival in London, this was my first time attending, and as you could imagine I was super excited... to match the vibes of the event I even changed my hair 👩🏽
Like every event I have attended, there is always  pros and cons, and unfortunately for this event the bad outweighed the good in my opinion.. so just to be fair I'm gonna break it down from the very start, the tickets I thought were slightly overpriced but u know, I just couldn't resist... so we got to the event pretty early and went on the queue to get in, the security was absolutely top notch, we got searched including our bags etc no liquids were allowed in the building, which is totally understandable, my heart dropped tho when the guy threw my fanta in the bin😒
So as bloggers I thought it would be perfect to have my sister come with me as she is also my photographer, right at the entrance the guy at the security mentioned we were not allowed to use big cameras, well as you could imagine mood went from 10 to 3😏... 
we walked in and the place was pretty dark,I mean for anyone who uses iPhone I'm sure u know how this phones fails in the dark.. 
As I mentioned we got in pretty early so the place was empty, we walked around.. there were some really impressive items.
All in all we spent about an hour and there just wasn't anything to see anymore.. I'm a bloggers who documents events like that and without saying too much I was quite disappointed.

Lippie xox 


  1. That's too bad about the festival :( However, your style does not disappoint :) Simply L O V E the hair. Have a super week beauty.


  2. I love your dress! It's a shame about the event though :/ xx

  3. It's a shame about the event not going as well as you'd hoped. Despite that, I love your outfit and your hair is always rocking! x

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com/


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