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9 Jul 2017

Wild thoughts Rihanna inspirational Outfit.

I have to say Riri has done it again this summer, the wild thoughts song is a hit and I think she definitely stole the show with her outfits in the video.

So this weekend after dancing to her song like a thousand times, I came across this fab yellow (mustard) top I got from H&M last year and Boom! It had the riri vibes, even tho hers was red๐Ÿ˜“, of course I had to put my own style to it so I styled it with this fab gingham skirt from primark which I got for only £1!!! Yess ladies, with these summer sales anything is possible and not for getting my favourite black heel. Coming to think of it they might be the only black heels I have (you ever had so many shoes but it feels like that one shoe goes so well with everything, then you start to think you don't have so many shoes ?? Lol).

if you guys have seen the video, which was your favourite outfit?

Lippie ๐Ÿ’‹



  1. Oh very cute coordinate


  2. I love your outfit! <3 And that's the cutest skirt ever! <3 Have a great week ahead beautiful! :)


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