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6 Sep 2017

Autumn Accessories

If you have noticed, I have been accessorising my outfits lately, I remember days when I didn't even like carrying handbags but now I'm loving them. 
I got two earrings from Rosegal
also check out 

I have been loving different types of earrings, I feel like they add more flavour to the outfit. These days there are a lot of designs from artistic to simple studs, for me I like over the top earrings. What type of earrings do you like ? . 

Lippie 💋


  1. Both are gorgeous ! I'd go for the second pair, the toned down marble look would probably go with anything .

  2. I am definitely very excited for fall accessories! Those are some killer earrings you've featured babe.

    Rina Samantha


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