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19 Nov 2017

All things Makeup - featuring primark super liquid matte lipstick , Flawlessshades, Ovp beauty etc.

Hello lovelies, Hope y’all have had an amazing weekend, if you care to know I have literally stayed in all weekend keeping warm lol, yeah it is that bad. 
Any way back to the post, I’m sure the title  gives it all away.. we are going to be talking all things makeup, I think it’s a good shift from the norm..
Makeup is a beauty enhancer, at least that’s how I see it, y’all would be surprised that I have only been using makeup for a couple of years, I used to go to college with a bare face 🌝, I still rock my bare face now and then, for example when I need to nip to the corner shop or even grocery shopping trips.. 
I love that I took my time in the makeup industry lol, and figured out what works for my face and more than anything educate myself on what I should and shouldn’t use, basically make sure there isn’t any nasties.. that goes for every face wipes and all.. look after your braces ladies those are the ones you will have to live with forever. I will link all the products used down below. So I would love u guys to comment below and share your skincare secrets, mine is to keep hydrated at all times.. drink your H2O 💋

Lippie ❤️

Makeup details-:

Lip stick- plum lipstick
Eyeliner- Primark 
eyeshadow-Opv beauty
Opv beauty illuminator -highlight
flawlessshades  -  flawlessshades.com


  1. Beautiful! I love this lip color.


  2. Thanks dear :D

    woooow, the final result is absolutelly amazing :o Loved it!

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  3. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice day)


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