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28 May 2018

The Art of Relationship event and OOTD Topshop Crepe Popper Midi Wrap Dress

The Art of Relationship event has definitely been my bank holiday highlight, the event was at the Savoy Hotel, it was beautifully organised and i left feeling inspired.

I am quite a confident person ( if I do say so my self), so the first thing  I thought about when it came to life coaches is 
  1. It’s For weak people 
  2. It’s for People who don’t know what to do in life 
  3. It’s for People who are not confident to make decisions. Etc 
Little did I know that their is so much more to it. I met beautiful amazing ladies and I also learnt a lot about the relationship I have with myself and the relationships I have with others. 
The day was filled with Soo much love, sharing and just good vibes overall @theladiescoach and her whole team are beyond amazing. Oh and they also made sure we were fed and had plenty to drink 🍷😍
Her New book “How to be  H.O.T” is definitely a MUST have .

With the Outfit I went for a really classy look, I am wearing a Crepd popper Midi Wrap dress from Topshop, heels from Egoshoe and I added a touch of fun element (bag by AmyThomson). 

What do you guys think? 

Lippie 💋


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